Experts are enthusiastic about the Powerinsole®!

Because we wanted to create our product on a sound scientific basis, we have been working with doctors from the fields of orthomolecular and general medicine since the beginning of development.

Even at the prototype stage, we had double-blind tests carried out in a performance diagnostics center which showed a faster breakdown of lactate, which can result in fewer muscle cramps and exhaustion as well as a lower heart rate under stress, and much more. In addition, countless blood flow measurements were consistently positive.

In order to be able to exclude a placebo, tests were also carried out in a horse therapy center near Munich, and these showed great results.

In addition, many of our enthusiastic customers send us great new feedback almost daily with reports about exciting experiences such as fewer problems with heel spurs or varicose veins, less tension and back pain, no more cold feet, less agitation… We have even had reports about the reduction of phantom pain.

The mode of operation of our Powerchip is best compared to a magnetic resonance application/stimulation. “Information” is added to the Powerchip using a special procedure and is then passed on to the cells using our specially developed technology. This has a positive effect on the energy field of the cells which, from the outside, encourages a better functioning of the cells. A better blood circulation is achieved which increases the oxygen content in the cell tissue and the nutrient supply to the cells. As a result, cell metabolism can be increased, and the immune system can be strengthened and initiate a faster healing process.


Effect - Scientific work and studies

In order to also consider the Powerinsole effects from a medical point of view, we work together with doctors from a wide range of departments as well as institutions, universities, companies and performance centers in different countries. This gives us a variety of options to prove and visually demonstrate the effectiveness of the Powerinsole.

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Cell regenerative properties and radical intercepting effects of Powerinsole®

Dartsch Scientific "Institute for cell biological test systems"

In the study carried out by Dartsch Scientific “Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems” by its director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter C. Dartsch, current cell biological test procedures were used to investigate whether power insole is able to promote cell regenerative properties while compensating for an excess supply of endogenously formed radicals and thereby preventing oxidative stress in the tissue. Such local oxidative stress in tissue plays an important role, for example, in inflammatory reactions or cell regenerative processes caused by overexertion.

According to the questions answered, the Powerinsole contributes to well-being. The test persons noticed a subjective improvement not only with regard to various pains but also in their general well-being. On the basis of the available results, it can be assumed that the use of Powerinsole can lead to greater well-being, higher concentration, fewer states of exhaustion and therefore better performance and less sick leave in the long run.

Microphotographic image of the repopulation of a cell-free space by connective tissue fibroblasts which had been incubated simultaneously with a Powerinsole® with inactive chip (A) and a Powerinsole® with active chip (B) for 36 hours. The beneficial effect on (B) is clearly visible in direct comparison.

The untreated control was set equal to 100%.

The presentation shows individual measured values from three independent tests with 4 samples each. It is clearly visible that the inactive chip showed no effect compared to the untreated control, but the active chip showed a statistically significant inactivation of endogenously formed radicals by about 24%.

Powerinsole has clearly demonstrated its beneficial properties regarding the inactivation of endogenously formed radicals, thus preventing oxidative stress in the tissue and improving cell regeneration.

It has a preventive effect and simultaneously reduces metabolic changes. Such changes are stress reactions to physical trauma caused by physical stress. Powerinsole counteracts this by improving performance and reducing oxidative stress.

Accordingly, the Powerinsole

– improves regeneration after physical exertion

– avoids oxidative stress in the tissue and thus contributes to improving cell regeneration

– improves cell regeneration/wound healing by 39.9% on average

– inhibits oxidative stress in tissues, which is responsible for joint inflammation*, by 24% on average


*Medical University of Graz, Institute for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics (Status 17.12.2014)

In summary, the available results show that Powerinsole acts as an energy booster at the cellular level and can make a significant contribution to reducing physical regeneration time, improving cell regeneration and wound healing and maintaining general well-being.

The cell biological effectiveness of Powerinsole is a further important proof in addition to the many other scientific confirmations of its efficiency.

User study

In cooperation with Uniqa, DM, Thalia, Fressnapf, Salzburg AG, Quehenberger, Elastica, Hogast and Haas & Sohn.

The positive effect of Powerinsole has already been extensively tested in sports.In order to be able to better classify the effects of Powerinsole for everyday and professional life, a study was carried out with test persons from different companies.

The study involved 169 mixed male and female test persons aged 17 – 61 years.

The Powerinsole was tested over a period of 4 weeks. The test persons were required to use the Powerinsole as long as possible during the day and otherwise maintain their normal daily routine. Before and after the test, the subjects completed a questionnaire in which they had to answer questions about their general state of health and subjective feeling of well-being. The answers purely reflect the subjective perception of the test subjects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following companies for their support and participation in the study: Uniqa, DM, Thalia, Fressnapf, Salzburg AG, Quehenberger, Elastica, Hogast and Haas & Sohn.

According to the questions answered, the Powerinsole contributes to well-being. The test persons noticed a subjective improvement not only with regard to various pains but also in their general well-being. On the basis of the available results, it can be assumed that the use of Powerinsole can in the long term, lead to greater well-being, higher concentration, fewer states of exhaustion and therefore better performance and less sick leave.

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Infrared thermography


Infrared thermography is a simple way of visualizing temperature changes. Our partner in this field is the global player ThermoHuman from Spain. ThermoHuman has specialized in introducing a new standard in injury prevention in the sports sector. They already cooperate in all world soccer leagues as well as in the NFL. A big advantage of this technology is that it’s a fast, non-invasive and objective approach.

By using Powerinsole®, for example, the blood circulation can be improved, resulting in faster oxygenation of the cells and faster removal of harmful substances. Among other things, this can be made visible with a thermal imaging camera. The images show that after just a few minutes of using Powerinsole® the temperature in the muscles increases. This means a lower risk of injury due to passive warming up and faster performance. In addition, tensions can be released more quickly and the sensation of pain decreases.

Images taken with the thermal imaging camera show an increase in muscle temperature after only a few minutes.


- less tension

- lower pain sensation

- passive warm up

- lower risk of injury

- every degree of temperature increase means an increase in performance of up to 5%

- The increase in muscle temperature leads, among other things, to an improvement in contractile properties and increased performance (according to a study by the Technical University of Munich).

Double-blind test

Within the framework of randomized double-blind studies, it was examined whether performance can be improved by wearing the Powerinsole and whether the musculature stressed during sport-motor loads regenerates more quickly.

First results show a positive tendency already after a short application!

Lactate is the salt of lactic acid. It is formed during intensive physical exertion as an end product of the anaerobic-lactic metabolism when the muscles no longer receive enough oxygen to cover their energy demand. An increased lactate concentration leads to muscle pain and eventually to a loss of performance.

From the very first moment of application of the Powerinsole, the lactate measurement shows a difference compared to the placebo.

The lower lactate level with Powerinsole results in longer performance and a later onset of muscle fatigue. Skin conductance reacts directly to physical and mental stress: it increases when there is stress and decreases when there is relaxation. This allows stress reaction and processing to be made very clearly visible. The lower the skin conduction resistance, the greater the general activation and the lower the stress level: at the very first application of Powerinsole, the skin conductance value is lower than with a placebo. This means that Powerinsole can contribute to a lower stress level.

The partial results show a positive trend in the effect of Powerinsole when used during sport!

(The Powerinsole was worn by all test persons exclusively during the tests)

Further measurements and experience have shown that Powerinsole works much more efficiently when worn over a longer period of time and all day.

Randomized double-blind study

German University of Sports Cologne

Within the scope of a randomized double-blind study at the German University of Sports in Cologne, Institute for Circulation Research and Sports Medicine, Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine, the physiological effects (including reduced physiological stress and improved regeneration ability) under physical stress and regeneration were investigated in order to derive the next steps for the further development of our products.

All measurement results have been included in the study at “first application” with the Powerinsole! It can be assumed that the scientific significance will be even higher if the product is worn for a longer period of time.

A positive curve indicates a higher oxygen saturation. It is noticeable that 6 out of 11 test persons showed higher oxygen saturation over the entire duration of the test if the sole was worn.

For acute stress:

The deformability of the erythrocytes is interpreted by means of the maximum deformability (EImax) and the pressure required to deform the erythrocytes to half of EImax (SS 1/2). Higher values for EImax and lower values for SS 1/2 mean an improved deformability of the erythrocytes. A better deformability would mean, among other things, a better supply of oxygen to the musculature. With Powerinsole a statistical significance of the maximum deformability was achieved!

The regeneration parameter:

The heart rate variability was determined by means of an orthostatic test. This test was carried out before exposure as well as 24h and 48h after exposure (fig.). The variables RMSSD, LF, HF and HF/LF ratio were used for the evaluation.

The study revealed a significant difference in LF regeneration between placebo and sole (p ≤ 0.05). A similar trend was also observed in the other HRV indicators. It can be said with relatively high certainty that the sole seems to have an acute effect on heart rate variability!

This paper represents one of the first comprehensive studies on the effectiveness of Powerinsole® conducted according to scientific standards. The focus of the research was not the performance per se, but rather possible physiological action mechanisms of the insole. Due to a lack of well-founded literature on possible mechanisms of Powerinsole technology on the physiology of movement, the aim of this work was to shed light on various aspects on which the sole is likely to have an influence.

The results as a whole indicate that Powerinsole® is very likely to have an acute influence on physiological processes to maintain physical performance (cf. lactate, oxygen saturation, nitrite, erythrocyte deformability and heart rate variability).

Blood and lactate and heart rate measurements

Trumer performance diagnostics

An independent performance diagnostics center was also able to demonstrate positive results in randomized double-blind tests by measuring blood and lactate as well as heart rate.

The mean value comparisons (with or without Powerinsole) showed differences in heart rate (n=14), treadmill speed (n=10) and ergometer performance (n=4).

For the lactate values 2 and 4 mmol

  • the heart rates were lower in each case and
  • higher speeds on the treadmill were achieved
  • Performance (watt) on the ergometer was higher

In the differentiation tests,

  • 6 out of 10 Powerinsole test persons on the treadmill and 3 out of 4 test persons on the ergometer at the 2 mmol threshold
  • further 7 out of 10 test persons on the treadmill and 3 out of 4 test persons on the ergometer at the 4 mmol threshold

were able to achieve higher outputs or higher speeds.

The fact that these changes/improvements could be achieved after a few minutes and not only after wearing the Powerinsole for a longer period of time is impressive.

Darkfield Analysis

Darkfield analysis provides information on the function and structure of blood cells, on endobionts as well as on the development of bacterial and fungal pre-stages. Although these bacterial pre-stages are not disease-inducing, they increase the risk of future disease development and can also be found in darkfield analysis.

Darkfield microscopy is an important tool for biological therapies. It can be used to test the effect of certain drugs by adding the drug to a blood sample and analyzing the reaction that is produced. This examination is extremely motivating, as the patient can see the diagnosis immediately.

If the blood cells are sticky (coin roll effect) – see Figure 1 “Measurement without Powerinsole” – oxygen supply in the body can’t take place optimally.

In pictures 2 and 3 you can see the effect of Powerinsole. The blood without coin rolls indicates a high membrane potential in the red blood cells, which allows them to transport more oxygen and thus supply the cells with it in an ideal way.

Heart rate variability (HRV, HF) and bio resonance measurements

Heart rate variability (HRV, HF) and bio resonance measurements also showed significant improvements using Powerinsole. Athletes from different sports and at different levels report faster recovery after training or competition, lower heart rate under stress, improved and longer concentration and noticeably more energy.

A high heart rate variability (HRV) usually correlates with good health and a robust nervous and immune system. A lower heart rate variability indicates a weakened system that could endanger long-term health.

With regard to the cardiovascular system and the evaluation of the test results regarding heart rate, it can be assumed that the following positive effects can be described when using Powerinsole over a long period/continuously:

  • prevention of cardio dilation and consequent cardiac insufficiency
  • positive effects on blood circulation and pressure by regulating the heart rate
  • regulation of the heart rate in stressful situations
  • energetic balance at constant load

In the field of sports, the following could be observed – individual nuances of the effect of Powerinsole in the temporary area were taken into account:

  • warm-up phase before the competition without loss of energy
  • improved regeneration after the competition
  • prevention of sore muscles
  • faster lactate degradation and glycogen incorporation
  • reduction or prevention of cramps
  • promotes endurance through improved oxygen supply to the tissue
  • regulating effect on the cardiovascular system

Dr. med. S. Aigster-Evangelidis

TÜV inspection

TÜV Rheinland

In order to guarantee our commercial customers even more safety in the use of the Powerinsole, we subjected the Powerinsole to strict testing by TÜV Rheinland.

The result is an 11-page test report in which the following is confirmed:


Test basis EN ISO 20344:2011 / RfU 10.187

Personal protective equipment – Professional, protective and safety footwear


The requirements for the residual height under the toe protection cap (resistance to pressure and impact) and the energy absorption capacity in the heel area are not affected.

  • Water absorption and release are not affected.
  • The abrasion resistance for textile insoles is not affected.
  • The antistatic properties are not affected.

No safety relevant parameters are influenced!

An application of the Powerinsole for professional use is therefore possible without any issues!

NEW!!!  Now with ESD approval!


Smart Pulse stress test and functional analysis

Smart Pulse

Smart Pulse is a patented diagnostic device which is very innovative and mobile. You can now easily conduct a health check from your home or office to understand how much progress you have made with your current lifestyle. All you need is 3 minutes, the Smart Pulse and its connection to your mobile device to get your personal diagnostic result. (Source:

It can be clearly observed that balance in the autonomic nervous system is established within a short time. Physical and mental stress and thus the stress in the whole organism is reduced and stress resistance is improved.

Test for faster regeneration

HeartQuest offers the combination of HRV and physiology scanning. The system is one of the most modern, non-invasive systems for analyzing human biorhythm and regulatory systems.

It allows you to quickly monitor rhythmic patterns of heart rate (known as heart rate variability HRV) by extracting data from an EKG signal in broadband frequency. The capabilities of HQ exceed the information from a typical HRV system.

Heart rate variability (HRV) uses EKG wrist leads to detect 300 heartbeats, allowing the viability of beat-to-beat change in the heart to be assessed. The scan is non-invasive and takes only 5 minutes. HeartQuest measures more than 21 points of physiology in an easy-to-read, colorful visual format.

Source: HeartQuest

Measurements in the horse therapy center

Horse Therapy Centre DR. MARIE LINDINGER

In addition to the double-blind tests, measurements were also taken in an equine therapy center, as a placebo effect can be completely excluded in this case.

These measurements showed great results!

Please note that despite its repeated success in various fields, the Powerinsole is not a medical product! In the event of illness, Powerinsole is by no means a substitute for going to the doctor, nor does Powerinsole replace medication prescribed by a doctor or medical treatment!


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