The Powerinsole® Kinesiology Tape is one of the most premium tapes on the market and therefore the perfect tape for anyone who values quality. It is water-resistant, skin-friendly and breathable. The excellent adhesive properties and the extra width make the tape unique and stable. It was developed for optimal wearing comfort and highest performance during sports.

You can use the tape not only for your kinesiological applications, but it can also be used to stick the Powerinsole® with the integrated Powerchip directly onto tense areas, and thus facilitate direct relief to specific zones.

Application tips with Powerinsole:

For alternative uses of the Powerinsole® we recommend using a strip of at least 12cm in length. Stick the Powerinsole® in the middle of the tape – adhesive side to adhesive side – and then place it on the desired spot on your body. To remove the tape from the Powerinsole®, briefly rinse the tape with the Powerinsole® under running water, then pull off the tape and allow the Powerinsole® to dry so you can use it again.

EXCELLENT QUALITY We use a light, durable, skin-friendly and highly elastic material (95% cotton / 5% elastane) This makes the tape feel like a second skin!
PROPERTIES 5m x 6cm roll, sensitive, hypoallergenic medical acrylic adhesive, CE certified and ISO13485 (medical devices) certified by TÜV SÜD!, long durability, breathable, waterproof, latex-free, 150% stretch
The particularly skin-friendly and thin material drapes perfectly on the skin. This provides optimum wearing comfort without restricting movement.
Color Blue
Size 5m x 6cm role
Material & care instructions M95% cotton / 5% elastane

9.90 €

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Various scientific studies have revealed the positive effects of Powerinsole. We also regularly receive  great feedback from clients who tell us about speedy recovery, increased general wellbeing and less pain in their daily lives.

Powerinsole leads to

  • a speedy recovery process / better regeneration of cells and wound healing by 39.9%
  • less muscular tension
  • reduction in stiffness and sore muscles
  • less pain after injuries
  • less muscle adhesion and cramping
  • less fatigue
  • less heavy legs after long workdays
  • better ability to focus (through better metabolism of oxygen in blood cells)
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Local quality

Austrian product, manufactured in Germany

The Powerinsole® is designed, developed and programmed at the company’s headquarters in Austria. We have the Powerinsole® produced by our partner company in Germany.


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