Your next step to more quality of life!

At the heart of the unique Fila Energia is Powerinsole technology. The way our Powerchip works is most comparable to a magnetic resonance application/stimulation. “Information” is applied to the Powerchip using a special process and transmitted to the cells through our proprietary technology. This positively influences the energy field of the cells from the outside. The Powerinsole like an energy booster on the cellular level and can significantly contribute to reducing the physical regeneration time, improving cell regeneration and wound healing, as well as maintaining general well-being.

1: Poly U anatomical formed insole Hexagon embossed

2: Unique surface with light massage function.


Effect - Scientific work and studies

In order to also consider the Powerinsole effects from a medical point of view, we work together with doctors from a wide range of departments as well as institutions, universities, companies and performance centers in different countries. This gives us a variety of options to prove and visually demonstrate the effectiveness of the Powerinsole.

more about science

Your next step to more quality of life!

The benefits for our customers are clear:

    • less tension
    • less signs of fatigue (e.g. less heavy legs after long days at work)
    • reduction of muscle soreness
    • less pain after injuries
    • less muscle adhesions and cramps
    • improved regeneration after physical strain
    • improved cell regeneration / wound healing by 39.9%** on average
    • inhibits oxidative stress in tissues, which is responsible for joint inflammation*, on average by 24%**
    • improved regeneration and recovery due to improved heart rate variability***.
* Paper Medical University of Graz, Institute of Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics (as of Dec. 17, 2014).
**Placebo-controlled in vitro cell study Dartsch Scientific (published J. Med Stud Res 2020).
***Investigation Institute for Circulation, Research and Sports Medicine, Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine, German Sport University Cologne.