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And we have to say – this varies greatly from person to person. Some immediately feel a tingling sensation or notice that their feet get warmer – others subjectively notice nothing at all at the beginning.

The effects of the Powerinsole usually appear very quickly, but since they are so varied, it is sometimes not so obvious which ones they are.
For example, there are people who tell us that they have been suffering from certain ailments for a long time, and in the first few days of using Powerinsole they have noticed that they are less or even completely gone. Other people notice that they are fitter – that means, for example, that they no longer feel so tired during or after work, or that they have less pain after physical exertion. And then, of course, there are also people who believe that the Powerinsole has no effect at all and only when they specifically ask about “problems” they had before using it do they find out that, for example, their back pain, headaches, tension or other complaints have become less. If you are not sure whether the Powerinsole is having an effect, it is advisable to simply not use it for a few days and then try it again (it is important to wear the Powerinsole as long as possible during the day). It may also help to write down what changes you would like to see or where you have complaints and then read up after a few weeks of using the Powerinsole and perhaps find that one or the other has actually improved.

Details about how the Powerinsole┬« works can be found under “Application” and “Science”.

The Powerinsole┬« is simply glued into the shoe. Watch the video on “Application”.

The answer: Absolutely!

You can put the Powerinsole either on top of or underneath the other insert. The only important thing is that the fabric side faces the body.

Many athletes – for example, cyclists and soccer players whose shoes are relatively narrow – prefer to use the Powerinsole under their normal shoe insoles, because the pressure distribution is then even better.

Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether the Powerinsole is placed in the front, back or middle of the shoe. For most people, however, it is most comfortable to stick them in the arch area.

The answer: the longer, the better!

You can measure the effects after just a few minutes, but in order to really feel the changes, it is important that you wear the Powerinsole for as long as possible. So not only during sports, work or other physical activity, but also afterwards, because the Powerinsole can then optimally support the body during regeneration.

You can change the Powerinsole from shoe to shoe. It is best to clean the inner sole of the shoe before applying the Powerinsole® so that it sticks well. If the adhesive surface of the Powerinsole® is dirty and therefore no longer adheres, simply wash it with clean water, let it dry and the adhesive strength is restored. In case of stubborn dirt, simply put it in the washing machine at 40 degrees, together with the colored laundry.

Due to the adhesive and resetting properties of the patented active gel used, the Powerinsole® can always be washed off again!

The Powerinsole® active is not only suitable for sports, but also for active everyday life. Wearing it after sports or physical exertion is also recommended, as this contributes to regeneration.

No side effects have been observed in tests and studies to date, nor have any been reported to us by customers.
In some cases, customers told us that they felt increased thirst in the first few days. Do not forget to drink enough!

The Powerinsole® is suitable for any kind of sport where shoes are worn! The Powerinsole® active is designed to promote concentration (examples: golf, horseback riding), increase performance (examples: running, cycling, soccer) and significantly improve recovery which is important in any sport!

Randomized double-blind tests at an independent performance diagnostics center confirm the improvement of almost all subjects. Further studies at various universities are already underway. You can always find the latest information on our “Science” page.

The Powerinsole® is available from us in our online store or from well-stocked specialist dealers..

Due to the ergonomic shape we achieve a very good pressure distribution. When using the Powerinsole® for the first time, you will feel it, but this will diminish after a few steps and usually disappear completely. If necessary, change the positioning of the Powerinsole® slightly.

In principle, it would also be sufficient to use the Powerinsole® in only one shoe. However, since in this case there is always the feeling of a foreign body in the shoe on one side, you should stick the Powerinsole® in both shoes in any case.

Of course, the Powerinsole® also works through socks. You can also stick the Powerinsole® under the insole of your shoes, if they are removable.
The surface of the Powerinsole® must face the body.

The effect of the Powerinsole® is unlimited in time, but mechanical signs of wear may appear after long wear.
Our experience shows that the Powerinsole® lasts approx. the life of a shoe in the sports sector and 1.5-2 years in everyday life with frequent wear.

The Powerinsole and its packaging are produced in Austria and Germany.

Please note that the Powerinsole® is not a medical product despite many successes in various areas! If illnesses are present, the Powerinsole® in no way replaces a visit to the doctor. The Powerinsole® also does not replace any medication prescribed by a doctor and no medical treatments!

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