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What customers, doctors, scientists and athletes say


Karl Ploberger

Organic Gardner and Hobby Athlete much time for exercise in my office life – after all, my book is not called…


S. Aigster-Evangelidis, M.D.

With regard to the cardiovascular system and the evaluation of the test results regarding heart rate, it can be assumed…


Leo Hillinger

Businessman, star winemaker, high-performance athlete Well, I was enthusiastic about the Powerinsole from the very…


Fabian Hoffmann

Sports Physiotherapy, Performance Diagnostics "I use the Powerinsole insoles in my shoes not only for cycling and…


Frank Kingler

Orthopedic Technician, Master Craftsman and Managing Director of Kingler Medical Supplies Store Frank Kingler is a…


Alexander & Dominik

Ultra-athletes, Special Olympics Athletes "On behalf of Alex & me we would like to express our deepest gratitude to…


Tim Wortmann

Sports Scientist & Ultra-Trail Runner N After initial skepticism regarding both the effect and "fitting" in the…


Christian Gschaider

Locksmith, Soccer Player, Coach and Long-Distance Triathlete I have been playing soccer since I was a child and now, as…


Andrea Lämmlein

Camino de Santiago Trail Walker I started my Camino de Santiago trek in Bilbao and walked all the way to Santiago de…


Benni Pichler

Professional Soccer Player Austria Klagenfurt It helps me with my injury (fatigue fracture in the metatarsal bone),…


Hannes Pühringer

Tennis Trainer Hannes Pühringer have been using the Powerinsole for about 2 years and I am very satisfied. As a tennis…



Allianz Women's German National League The FF USV Jena team has been playing successfully in the Allianz Women`s German…


Maro Engel

Professional Race Car Driver In the DTM drivers like to use the Powerinsole to support better performance and faster…


Andreas Eder

Sports Therapist and Masseur For 5 years I coached the biathlon and cross-country national team of the Austrian Ski…


Waldemar Grichting

Triathlete, Vice World Champion Ironman Hawaii "I have been using the Powerinsole in my leisure and running shoes for a…


Raphael Büchel

Rugby, Fitness Sportart: Rugby, Fitness Wohnort: Buchs CH Place of residence: Buchs, Switzerland "In rugby, the demands…


Alexander Rödiger

Sports Soldier and Multi-Year Olympic Participant in Bobsled I have been using the Powerinsole for several weeks now.…


Axl Einer

Ironman Pro Coach Als ein seit über 20 Jahren erfolgreicher Athlet, der an vielen verschiedenen CAT 2/3 Radrennen und…


Jeannine Böhm

Training Manager and Managing Director SNO Since I received the Powerinsole, I have been wearing it in my running…


Andreas Wilhelm

Andreas Wilhelm, DNV and ALFA Academies Head of Training ALFA coach, mental trainer, sports teacher and entrepreneur,…


Ingrid Langthaler

Trail Runner I could not imagine how such a small "Powerchip" glued into the shoe would have a positive effect on…


David Wallmann

Ski Touring and Trail Running Sports I was very skeptical about the Powerinsole at first, especially in terms of…


Rudolf Gangl

Physiotherapist Since my job forces me to stand for long periods of time, after some time I used to always feel the…


Julia Mühlfellner

Triathle I just came back from a training camp and wanted to thank you once again for the Powerinsole! It passed the…


Markus Kröll

Trail Running Athlet, Salomon Running Team Markus Kröll has been a fixture in the mountain running scene for over 30…


Lukas Frytz

Professional Athlete - Bobsledding I've been using the Powerinsole for about 4 weeks now and I'm very satisfied. Moving…


Chris Riedl / OCR Athlet

Spartan Racer / OCR Athlet I tested the Powerinsole in my training, leisure, work and cycling shoes and I have to say:…


Dr. Sriram Naidu

Dr Sriram Naidu, MD is a practicing cardiologist (heart specialist) in Garden City South, NY. Dr. Naidu graduated from…


Mag. Bernhard Schutti

Erfahrungen mit der Powerinsole im Berufsalltag Wie die Natursteine und Keramikprodukte, mit denen wir arbeiten, steht…


Werner Eschauer

Tennis Zone International, Former ATP World No. 52 Player "I am very positively surprised by the small gadget and would…


Olav Müller-Liebenau, M.D.

"I have been working with magnetic field therapy for many years. The Powerinsole that I am now using has had a very…


Thomas Goiginger

Football professional "Since I've been using the Powerinsole, I simply feel more relaxed during times of high exertion…


Herbert Puffer

Geschäftsführer und Inhaber Gärtnerei Kittl "Als Diabetiker habe ich oft mit schweren und müden Füßen zu tun. Auch die…


Herbert Puffer

Geschäftsführer und Inhaber Gärtnerei Kittl "Als Diabetiker habe ich oft mit schweren und müden Füßen zu tun. Auch die…


Stefan Triebel, M.D.

I have tested the Powerinsole insoles in a professional context and found the following: In the course of my many years…


Christian Pegger, M.D.

Powerinsole test report ...after my own critical test phase in everyday life and in the exercise of my sporting…


Norbert Lüftenegger

Ultra-Triathlon World Cup Winner Ultra-Triathlon World Cup Winner 20 long distances in 20 days - on top of that,…


Dr. Christoph Michlmayr

Of course, for an orthopedic surgeon, issues such as fatigue and the resulting poor quality of movement are important…


Clemens Bartl

My name is Clemens Bartl and I am an outdoor photographer. My job allows me to enjoy my passion and spend a lot of time…

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