The power chip is the heart piece of the Powerinsole®.

The functioning of the power chip is based on the principles of several researched and documented sub-areas of biophysics, as well as energy medicine findings and observations of well-known researchers from various fields.

The powerinsole has a positive effect on the human body through frequency impulses, as well as on the cell membrane potential/resting potential that is of crucial physiological importance to the nerve and muscle action, and on the autonomous vegetative nerve system by providing regulatory support to the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.. At hormonal level, this allows for continuous secretion of organ-specific hormones as needed.



 Uni Salzburg Powerinsole



A randomised double-blind study at the University of Salzburg, institute of sport and exercise science, shall verify the performance improvement by wearing the Powerinsole and faster recovery of the muscles which are strained through sport specific stress.

!!! First results show scientificly measurable impact already after short application !!!


Lactate Test

lactat Powerinsole


Lactate is the salt of hydroxypropionic acid. Lactate is generated by intensive muscle strain as a product of the anaerobic lactic metabolism, when the musculature is not provided with enough oxygen to cover the required energy. A higher lactate concentration causes muscle pain or even performance dropout.

Already the first application of the Powerinsole shows differences to the placebo in the lactate concentration.
The lower lactate concentration with the Powerinsole implies a longer performance capacity and a later muscle exhaustion



 Skin Conductance Measurement

Hautleitwert Powerinsole


The skin conductance level reacts immediately to physical and mental stress: it increases with stress and descreases with relaxation. For this reason the stress reaction and handling is depicted well.
A lower skin conductance level implies a higher general mobilisation and a lower stress level.
Already the first application of the Powersole shows a lower skin conductance level than with the placebo.
Therefore can be stated, that Powersole may contribute to a lower stress level.





First partial results already show the positive effects of implementing the Powerinsole in sports!

The Powerinsole was used by all test persons only during the tests.

The study is not closed yet and we are excited for further results.



Trumer Leistungsdiagnostik Powerinsole





During random double-blind tests performed, e.g. by way of blood- and lactate measuring, by an independent performance diagnostics center, positive results were proven.

When comparing the average values (with or without the Powerinsole®), differences were found in heart frequency (n=14), the speed on the running belt (n=10) and the work performed on an ergometer (n=4).

At lactate values of 2 and 4mmol, with the Powerinsole®,

  • the heart frequency was always lower
  • the speed on the running belt was higher
  • the work performed (in watts) on an ergometer was higher.

Comparison tests showed that, with the Powerinsole®,

  • 6 of 10 test persons on a running belt and 3 of 4 test persons on an ergometer at the 2mmol threshold
  • 7 of 10 test persons on a running belt and 3 of 4 test persons on an ergometer at the 4mmol threshold

improved their results (achieved higher speed or higher performance).

The fact that these changes/improvements were achieved not after a longer period of wearing the Powerinsole® but after just several minutes, is very impressive.

Also heart rate variability (HRV, HF) and bio resonance measuring showed clear improvement with the use of the Powerinsole®. Sportspeople coming from a wide range of sports and with different levels of skills reported faster recovery after the training or a competition, lower heart frequency during strain, improved and longer concentration, as well as noticeably more energy.


To consider the functioning also from the medical point-of-view, we cooperate with doctors from various fields of

medicine. They determined the following:

Wissenschaft Powerinsole
Dr. med. S. Aigster-Evangelidis

As regards the cardiovascular system and evaluation of heart frequency test results, it is assumed

that long-

term/permanent use of the Powerinsole® shall have the following positive effects:

  • prevention against heart dilatation and the subsequent weakness of the heart musculature and heart insufficiency
  • a positive effect on blood circulation and blood pressure through regulation of heart frequency
  • regulation of heart frequency in stress situations
  • energetic balance during permanent strain.


In the field of sports, the following effects can be witnessed – bearing in mind individual nuances in the Powerinsole® action mode in the relevant area:

  • passive warming up before the race without energy loss
  • improved recovery after the race
  • prevention from stiff muscles
  • faster lactate degradation and glycogene replenishment
  • reduction or avoidance of cramps
  • enhanced endurance through improved oxygen supply to the tissues
  • regulatory effect on the cardiovascular system



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