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Christian O., leisure sportsman MTB

I went running already last week and then again on the weekend. I am thrilled! The first thing I noticed during my run is that I can run longer as my pulse does not go high so quickly. I always feel like I can do more. I have also noticed that, muscularly, I can run somewhat easier, even over a longer period of time. But what I also find quite interesting is that I can run several days in a row and feel much better recovered then I did in the past. Fantastic!

Mark Sch., leisure sportsman

“After having used the Powerinsole® 10 times, I can say my recovery is 100 % better. I can run exactly the same route again the following day (when I run in the morning I put the Powerinsole® in my regular shoes afterwards), my thigh muscles are completely fit again af-ter an hour (I needed at least a day’s break before). After stretching, the muscles do not shorten again quite so much (it was my problem before due to a slipped disc).”

Sebastian, …

Hello Powerinsole Team,

I started using the Powerinsole® last Friday, September 9, 2016, and would like to share my experi-ence with you.

Sebastian Bachleitner powerinsole faster recoveryI had several serious injuries in the past (3x cruciate ligament rupture, 4x meniscus rupture, 2x inner and outer belt rupture and several ankle injuries including cartilage damage in the right ankle and right knee). Because of that, I was always in a lot of pain after doing sports and also had sore and extremely tense muscles, of course.

When I put the Powerinsole® in my shoes, I got a tingling sensation and felt warmth in my feet within a very short time. I also had the feeling of being more agile and better motivated getting through the day.

But what I find quite incredible is realizing that I played tennis three times for 2 hours during the last 4 days and not only my problem areas (knee, ankle, back) are not painful but I do not have sore muscles or anything of that kind either!!!!!

I can’t remember being able to do so much sports within such a short period time in the last 10 years. The best thing about it is that I have been in no pain during my exercise and so I can really enjoy it.

Consequently, the quality of my life has improved many times over!!!

Thank you once again and best regards


Nikolaus K.

IRONMAN finisher / Age Grouper
Marathon and ultramarathon finisher

„As a father of two and a leisure sportsman my priority is not the finish time but the feeling one gets going through the finish line. Since there is little time for continued training anyway, the fastest possible recovery during the days following a race or difficult training blocks is extremely important. My recovery phase after my last long-distance triathlon with more than 11 hours of strain was substantially shorter with the Powerinsole® and also my back pain, repeatedly occurring after races, was significantly reduced. I wear the Powerinsole® also at work and my legs do not get tired or heavy, they simply feel good. A great product for everyone!“

"Even though the Powerinsole® does not make me faster on the bike or the running path, I am quite amazed by how much my recovery has improved after sports!"

Thomas Iser

Hello Powerinsole-Team
I've been using Powerinsole for 3 weeks. My expectations have been fulfilled.
Through my work as a tennistrainer I am on my feet all day.
Powerinsole gives me the feeling that I can move longer and improve my regeneration significantly. Can only recommend it.
Best regards

Thomas Iser

Heidi, 73
I wear the Powerinsole the whole day and it is very comfortable. It took about 2 weeks before I could tell the difference but then my back pain receded and my mobility improved.

Andreas, 39
The wearing comfort in various types of shoes is generally quite good. I use the Powerinsole at work, for running and hiking. After about 1 to 2 weeks, my plantar pain improved.

Rosalia, 66
I use the Powerinsole during my everyday household work. I felt considerable improvement already the 1st day. I am happy to report warm feet and less back pain.

Daniel, 31
Downhill bikerDownhill powerinsole faster recovery
Concentration and endurance are very important in downhill biking. With such strain, a moment of distraction can result in an accident and injury. I was very skeptical that a product could improve my recovery and thus also my performance capacity and concentration. After the first day I thought my doubts were confirmed as I did not feel any difference. And so I was more than surprised on the third day realizing that after several subsequent days I was completely fit and did not feel any muscle pain or even muscle tiredness which was unusual. Now I believe. Super!

Michael Shaheen , Partner Ernst & Young, s.r.o., Czech Republic

I am not a serious runner and run only for pleasure and relaxation without measuring my training results over time. But immediately after inserting the Powerinsole into the shoe the first time I felt it gave a bounce to my step for a smoother and more enjoyable run. My body felt much stronger after the run and I even felt the urge for the first time ever to run twice on the same day! Thanks to the Powerinsole, I enjoy my regular runs even more. It’s a great product!


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