frequently asked Questions

Where is the Powerinsole® produced?
The Powerinsole and its packaging are produced in Austria and Germany.

How does Powerinsole® work?
You can find details about the functioning of the Powerinsole® under the section The Power-insole and Science.

How do I use the Powerinsole®?
You simply insert the Powerinsole® into your shoe. Please watch the video “The Powerinsole” for instruction.

Can I wear the same pair of Powerinsole® alternately in various pairs of shoes?
You can switch the Powerinsole from one shoe to another. It is best to clean the inner sole of the shoe first before applying the Powerinsole® so that it adheres well. If the adhesive area of the Powerinsole® is soiled and does not hold anymore, simply rinse it with cold water, let it dry and its adhesion ability will be renewed.

Can the Powerinsole® be repeatedly rinsed?
Thanks to the adhesion and resetting qualities of the utilized patented active gel, the Power-insole® may be rinsed over and over again!

Where can I buy the Powerinsole®?
The Powerinsole® is available in our on-line shop or it can be purchased from well-stocked specialist retailers.

Is the Powerinsole® active used only for sports?
Wearing the Powerinsole® active is suitable not only for sports but also for your every-day activities. We also recommend using it after sports or physical exertion as it contributes to better recovery.

Does the Powerinsole® have any known side effects?
It has not been possible to carry out tests or studies to determine any side effects yet. Our customers have not reported any side effect so far.
In some cases, customers told us they were thirstier in the first days of use. Please do not forget to drink enough!

What kind of sports is the Powerinsole® best suited for?
The Powerinsole® is suitable for any kind of sport where you use shoes. The Powerinsole® active improves concentration (examples: golf or horse-back riding), increases performance (examples: running, cycling and soccer) and significantly improves recovery which is impor-tant in all sports!

Has the functioning of the Powerinsole® been scientifically confirmed?
Random double-blind tests at an independent performance diagnostics centre confirmed improvement with nearly all the tested persons. Further studies at various universities are underway.

Can the Powerinsole® cause a feeling of pressure when used the first few times and if yes, what can I do about it?
Thanks to its ergonomic form, a very good distribution of pressure is achieved. When used the first few times, you will feel the Powerinsole®, but after a few steps the feeling will sub-side and usually completely disappear. If necessary, you can change the position of the Pow-erinsole® easily.

Do I have to place the Powerinsole® in both shoes?
In principle, it should be sufficient to use the Powerinsole® in one shoe only. But since this would always give you a feeling of having a foreign object in your shoe on the one side only, you should definitely place the Powerinsole® in both shoes.

Does the Powerinsole® work through socks or do I have to be barefoot in my shoe?
Of course, the Powerinsole® works also through socks. One can even place the Powerinsole® under the insole of the shoe if it is removable.
The surface of the Powerinsole® has to face the body.

How long does the Powerinsole® last?
The functioning of the Powerinsole® is unlimited in time but mechanical wear-out effects can appear after a longer period of use.
Our experience shows that if used for sports, the durability of the Powerinsole® is approxi-mately the same as that of a sports shoe; if frequently used for every-day activities, it lasts about 1.5 to 2 years.

Please note that despite many great results in various fields, the Powerinsole® is not a medical product! In the event of illness, always see a doctor! The Powerinsole® also does not replace any doctor-prescribed medication or medical treatment!
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