The Powerinsole® - The innovative hightech-product


More energie, higher performance, increased concentration and faster recovery – who would not want that?

Whether in sports, professional life or leisure time - with the Powerinsole® active it is possible! And in the meantime, doctors, physiotherapists, leisure and professional sportsmen and a number of others have been persuaded by the volume of positive feedback on faster recovery, i.e. reduced muscle stiffness, adhesions and cramps, better endurance, less tiredness, higher concentration, less pain after injuries and much more.

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Thanks to its simple application, the Powerinsole® may be used by anybody! It is simply adhesively attached to your shoe sole. The Powerinsole® can be used flexibly – in sports, at work or during leisure time. And there is another advantage to it: thanks to a special active gel, you do not have to choose one pair of shoes to wear the Powerinsole® but can switch it from one shoe to another. The adhesive area can be easily rinsed with water whenever needed and then it will adhere again as well it did at the beginning.







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That`s the Powerinsole®: simple, flexible, for everyone!



The Powerinsole® is a gel pad in which a chip is embedded. We store information on this chip, which we transport directly to the cells with the help of a specially developed system, thus helping them to work more efficiently. The Powerinsole® is best compared to a magnetic resonance application or therapy.


Thermo-human, powerinsole, Thermomessung By using the Powerinsole®, for example, blood circulation can be improved, which results in faster oxygen enrichment in the cells and faster removal of harmful substances. Among other things, this can be made visible with a thermal imaging camera. The photos show that the temperature in the muscles increases after just a few minutes of using the Powerinsole®. This means a lower risk of injury through passive warming up and faster performance. In addition, tensions can be released more quickly and the sensation of pain decreases.


Outstanding quality


The materials of the Powerinsole® meet the highest quality standards. The surface is made of durable polyester fabric, which is incredibly resistant, but at the same time flexible. For the core, however, we use a patented, skin-friendly active gel that is absolutely hygienic and anti-allergenic.


Powersole construction, powerchip

Engnineered Austria The Powerinsole® is designed, engineered and programmed at the headquarters in Austria.
Powerinsole, made in Germany The Powerinsole®is produced by our partner company in Germany.



 It couldn't be simpler!







Powerinsole How do use! The handling of the Powerinsole® is very easy. Simply peel off the foil and stick the Powerinsole® into the shoes. If the positioning is not comfortable, the Powerinsole® can simply be removed and repositioned. Because of the special active gel, you don't have to choose a pair of shoes in which you want to wear the Powerinsole®, but can change it again and again from shoe to shoe. After several changes, the adhesive surface will be dirty - but that's no problem! The Powerinsole® can easily be rinsed off with water if necessary and sticks again after drying. In case of stubborn dirt, it can also be added to coloured wash at 40° C (no dryer!). This can be repeated several times.


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This is the Powerinsole®: simple, flexible, for everyone!
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The Powerinsole® - The innovative hightech-product