Meet the founders Sonja and Martin

In 2014, we (Sonja and Martin Masching) started developing the Powerinsole. We set off with the goal in mind to create a device to enhance general wellbeing, that was going to be easy to carry along. With most therapies it is not enough to visit the therapist just once, because symptoms keep showing up again and again over time. That is why we thought it might be a great idea to develop a “therapy” to take along, always ready at hand.


While initially we were thinking of developing a shoe, we quickly had to let go of that vision. Neither did we have any knowledge about making shoes, nor did we possess the financial means. Then we came up with the idea to devise an insole, but it turned out not to be scalable enough. We were really keen on designing something that could easily be used by anyone. This is how the Powerinsole was developed after a long phase of testing and trials. In autumn 2016 we founded Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH and started by marketing the product online. Meanwhile we are working with a series of retailers.

Our big moment

Powerinsole on 2 minutes 2 million

In May 2019 we experienced a major boost due to our participation in the start-up TV series “2 minutes 2 million”. Since then our number of clients and retailers has been rapidly increasing and a lot of positive feedback keeps showing us that we are right on track. We have a lot of new ideas and keep working on the continued enhancement of the Powerinsole.

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Mag. Sonja Masching

With a degree in business management from the University of Innsbruck, Sonja soon had her first job in a leadership position at a retail business. Over the following 12 years she worked for a German fashion company, where she was in charge of economic efficiency calculation, project management, process optimization and innovation. After 2014 she started developing the Powerinsole together with her husband. In 2016 they founded Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH where she has been in the position of managing director ever since.


Martin Masching

Martin Masching completed his apprenticeship as an electrician and machinist. He then gained experience in a wide range of industries as production planner, operations manager, project manager and managing director, among others. In 2014 he became self-employed and since then he and his wife have been developing the Powerinsole. In 2016, Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH was founded, where he has been managing director ever since.


Better performance in sports, professional life and leisure

How the Powerinsole is helpful in sports and everyday life:

  • a speedy recovery process / better regeneration of cells and wound healing by 39.9%
  • less muscular tension
  • reduction in stiffness and sore muscles
  • less pain after injuries
  • less muscle adhesion and cramping
  • less fatigue
  • less heavy legs after long workdays
  • better ability to focus (through better metabolism of oxygen in blood cells)
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