Powerinsole test report

…after my own critical test phase in everyday life and in the exercise of my sporting activities as an ambitious amateur, as well as through the feedback of my customers with different indications (including injury, exhaustion, prophylaxis), I am very satisfied with the use and the effect of the Powerinsole.

One should not expect to turn into the “Hulk” with the help of the Powerinsole. But that is not claimed by the distributor, either.

With the use of the Powerinsole, (still existing) weak points in the body are discovered, the feeling of tiredness during strenuous physical and mental activity is reduced and although one feels less efficient on certain days, one still notices a “heightened” sense of energy that turns itself into better performance.

I can therefore recommend the Powerinsole to all those people who are exposed to increased stress in everyday life and leisure.


Dr.med.univ. Christian Pegger
General, sports, altitude and holistic physician