With regard to the cardiovascular system and the evaluation of the test results regarding heart rate, it can be assumed that the following positive effects can be described when using Powerinsole® on a long-term/continuous basis:

  • prevention of cardio dilation and the resulting cardiac insufficiency by regulating the heart rate
  • positive effects on blood circulation and pressure regulation of the heart rate in stressful situations
  • energetic compensation during long-term exercise

In numerous tests with amateur and professional athletes, including double-blind tests, as well as in everyday life, the following improvements have been observed:

  • Warm-up phase before competition without loss of energy,
  • improved post-competition regeneration, prevention of sore muscles,
  • faster lactate degradation and glycogen incorporation,
  • reduction or prevention of cramping,
  • promotion of endurance through improved oxygen supply to the tissue
  • regulating effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • significantly lower heart rate during exercise,
  • as well as improved blood circulation

Dr Susanne Aigster-Evangelidis

Doctor of human and orthomolecular medicine

S. Aigster-Evangelidis, M.D.

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