Of course, for an orthopedic surgeon, issues such as fatigue and the resulting poor quality of movement are important topics. Fatigue plays an important role in both acute and chronic damage to the musculoskeletal system. There is also increasing evidence that there are receptors that react to electrical stimuli both directly in the cells and at the level of the fascia and connective tissue. Even if it is still unclear how these things can be optimally influenced, the approaches taken by the Powerinsole are understandable and comprehensible.

As an enthusiastic amateur athlete (tennis), I now use the Powerinsole in each of my sports shoes. It is of course difficult to say to what extent my improved performance in recent months is due to this. The fact is that I have been able to notice a clear improvement in performance in my favorite sport, tennis, for some time now (improvement in ITN by almost 20%).


About Dr. Christoph Michlmayr

About myself:

  • Former course instructor for the Austrian Medical Association for Manual Medicine
  • Lecturer for the MedAk of the Medical Association for Upper Austria
  • Lecturer at the medical congresses in Grado
  • Lecturer on the subject of shock waves

Relationship to sport:

  • Supervisor at 2 Olympic Games (2006 Turin, 2010 Vancouver)
  • Supervisor at several world championships
  • Active championship tennis player

Motto: I cannot make miracles happen, but I will do my best.

Facharzt für Orthopädie

  • Kassenordiniation seit dem 1.1.2001
  • Ausbildung im Orthopädischen Spital Wien Speising
  • Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin
  • Diplom für Manuelle Medizin
  • Fortbildungsdiplom der österreichischen Ärztekammer
  • Ausbildungen in extrakorporaler Stoßwellentherapie
    (Zertifikat der ARTRAD, Gesellschaft für radiale Schmerztherapie)
  • Ausbildungen in Slingtraining (Slingtraining Austria, AMS Deutschland)
  • Ausbildung in Matrix Rhythmus Therapie
  • Ehemaliges Vorstandsmitglied und Kursleiter der österreichischen Ärztegesellschaft für Manuelle Medizin e.V.
  • Präsident Univ.Prof.Dr. Hans Tilscher)
  • Ehemaliges Vorstandsmitgliedvon SOS Körper