Locksmith, Soccer Player, Coach and Long-Distance Triathlete

I have been playing soccer since I was a child and now, as a coach, I still play a lot. A few years ago, I discovered a new passion in the long-distance triathlon.

Several months ago, I was troubled by persistent calf pain and various doctors couldn’t find the cause. So, a friend recommended Powerinsole to me. I was very skeptical but after a while I let myself be persuaded to test the Powerinsole. As a soccer player and trainer, people offer you a lot of these alleged “miracle cures”. That’s why I’m always very skeptical about them.

But the Powerinsole completely convinced me!

As a soccer player, one is used to dealing with injuries, but since I started using the Powerinsole, I no longer have any complaints.

I also use the Powerinsole in my work shoes as a locksmith, in the office and in the field. If I accidentally put on the wrong shoe in the morning, I notice that my legs feel limp all day. I can’t imagine doing without the Powerinsole in sport and in everyday life.