Spartan Racer / OCR Athlet

I tested the Powerinsole in my training, leisure, work and cycling shoes and I have to say: Awesome!

I would not have thought that it would work so well. I went into the test with skepticism because I couldn’t imagine that the Powerinsole would really work and how it would work. What I noticed extremely was that I was able to perform much better during training sessions. I know my training results and my areas where I have problems and I am really more efficient. Especially during my trail run, the regeneration was massively better. After the strenuous run I felt as if I had never run. In the records you can see that my pulse rate dropped by up to 8 beats per minute! That’s mega cool! Especially with interval training, it’s really a great thing, because I can push myself even harder and challenge my body even more. I’m mega-surprised and I think it’s just awesome! I can’t and don’t want to do without the Powerinsole anymore. You don’t feel the Powerinsole in the shoe at all, for me there is no difference in wearing comfort whether it is in or not. It’s fantastic!

I am convinced and I will definitely continue to use the Powerinsole. I want to qualify for the Spartan Race European Championships, and I believe that the Powerinsole can support me well.

“Push it to the Limits”