Andreas Wilhelm, DNV and ALFA Academies Head of Training

ALFA coach, mental trainer, sports teacher and entrepreneur, head of training at DNV (Deutscher Nordic Walking and Prävention Verband) and INFO (International Nordic Fitness Organisation), state-approved skiing and tennis instructor.

Author of several books on Nordic walking and Nordic fitness and since 2002 Nordic walking, Nordic inline skating and Nordic winter fitness instructor. DNV Board member, responsible for the contents and management of the DNV education section. ALFA Academy leader at Majorca.

I have worn the Powerinsole throughout the winter in my golf shoes and for Nordic walking. I am absolutely thrilled! Under normal circumstances, I play golf 3-4 times a week and as a member of the German Nordic Walking Association, I travel a lot. And I have felt and feel no signs of tiredness in my feet and legs!

We at the DNV can recommend the Powerinsole!