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Various scientific studies have revealed the positive effects of Powerinsole. We also regularly receive  great feedback from clients who tell us about speedy recovery, increased general wellbeing and less pain in their daily lives.

Powerinsole leads to

  • a speedy recovery process / better regeneration of cells and wound healing by 39.9%
  • less muscular tension
  • reduction in stiffness and sore muscles
  • less pain after injuries
  • less muscle adhesion and cramping
  • less fatigue
  • less heavy legs after long workdays
  • better ability to focus (through better metabolism of oxygen in blood cells)
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Proper Use

Quick and easy, flexible for everybody to use! 

Not only will active athletes benefit from using Powerinsole, but it is considered a valuable addition to everyday and professional life for anyone who would like to enjoy an enhanced state of general wellbeing and overall better performance.

Due to its flexible use design, Powerinsole is bound to be the ideal companion for everyone. Just stick it into your shoe and start feeling perfect!

Anwendungsbereiche ansehen

Powerinsole® on air

We have been able to proudly present our product on multiple TV shows and in other broadcast media. Aimed at connecting with investors and entrepreneurs, the start-up TV series “2 minutes 2 million” on the Puls4 channel was one of our most memorable moments.



reduction in lack of energy feeling


reduction in heavy leg feeling after prolonged standing


reduction in tension after long workdays


Scientific evidence

Following numerous research studies, we have collected plenty of scientific evidence on the benefits of Powerinsole.

In order to survey the effects from a medical perspective we are cooperating with doctors from various specialties as well as with institutions, universities, enterprises and performance training centers in various countries.

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